Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

What Women Want – VI. Tall Dark and Handsome (2 of 3)

The shoe is on the other foot

It is the female of our species (as opposed to many other
animal species) that displays and enhances her sexuality.

Women will pull out all the stops to get their man.  But not
just any man.  The best specimen they can lay their hands on.
Why is that and what are the weapons in their arsenal?  I’ll
answer the second question first.

1. Take a piece of paper and draw something on it, anything.
Now begin to color what you’ve drawn.  The original drawing was
dull, the colors makes it more exciting.  The first women
understood that principle well.  Their descendants improved on
it.  Today we have an endless array of cosmetics*.  By coloring that
which nature has provided, a woman can enhance her looks.
Pity the poor male which will then be accused of focusing on
looks only!

* Examples: Face powder; lipstick; lip gloss; nail polish; hair
care products; hair dyes; a large assortment of creams,
emulsions, lotions, and gels; foundation; blush; and since the
eyes are the mirror of the soul, they are enhanced with mascara,
eyeliner, and eye shadow.

2. Strategic disrobment (otherwise known as fashion) is a
potent arm.  The naked body is banal (once you’ve seen one,
you’ve seen them all!)  Uncovering select part of the body is a
totally different story.  It reminds me of open poker, a more
exciting variation of regular poker.

In open poker, all cards can be seen except for one.
Focusing on that one card makes the game more exciting.

Fashion is the woman’s ally in that game.  This year we’ll
show the legs with shorter skirts or shorts.  Next year it’s the
bosom.  After that it’s the midriff.  And on it goes.  When the
male tires of one part, he is switched to another show.  Of
course, a popular performance can be extended for one more year.
And there are no laws against combining.  For instance, the naked
midriff and short shorts.  Parts of the tush can be hinted at.  I
think you get the picture, or should I say the partial picture.

3. The “Hard to Get” strategy is another tactic that women
have used since time immemorial.  I suspect it’s part of their
genetic package.  It has worked and will always work.

Women do not see all that as a game only.  They have a very
serious objective in mind.

Nature is focused on one thing only:  The reproduction of
the species.  And that task has been entrusted to the woman with
the man acting as a helper.  Females invest far more time in
reproduction and child rearing than do males.  Humans are the
most difficult animals to raise from babyhood to adulthood.  It
takes years of hard work to get there.  Because of this, women
have evolved a psychology that is concerned with the father’s
abilities to help out with this mammoth task.

Thus, she will look at earning potential, clout, standing in
the community, education, intelligence, and the list goes on.
She is very demanding because nature has entrusted her with the
most difficult task a human will ever be called upon to
undertake.  Remember that first and foremost, she will look at
looks.  In her mind, this is the foundation.  If she doesn’t like
what she sees, you don’t get a second interview, you’re not a
qualified candidate.  Therefore, forget once and for all that
handsomeness is not that important to women.  It’s critical.
Nature can be cruel for it is concerned with producing the best
and healthiest offsprings possible.

But why should beauty be so important?

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