Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

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What Women Want – XXIII. Shopping (4 of 5)

5. Now to the medical aspects.

A beneficial plant isn’t going to be just shoved in the
mouth of the patient!  A concoction is the answer, but you had to
think about it.  If it tastes terrible, add fruit juice to it.
Again it’s a new discovery, and new knowledge is added.

A gravely wounded hunter is brought to you.  What do you do?
You have medicines, but how do you use it?  Presto, the poultice
has just been discovered.

Patients are in the waiting room; do you just give them
medicines at random?  Of course not.  You have to question them
and determine what they have.  You have to make a diagnosis.
Voila!  The first woman doctor!  And to say that their
descendants had to fight for centuries to get admitted to Medical
School.  Today, women are slowly coming to dominate the
profession.  We have indeed come full circle.

6. Back to food.  Some plants while edible were not exactly
nourishing, or had a bitter taste.  Are they useless?  Add them
to the food and see what happens.  It turns out that they really
enhance the taste.  Some grains are crushed and in error added to
the food.  The food tastes even better.  The first herbs and
spices are born.

Can meat and vegetables be cooked together?  Why not.  Now
we have the first stew.  Haute cuisine is beckoning, but we’re
missing the wine.

7. This fruit juice has been forgotten.  How does it taste?
Not only does it taste wonderful, drinking it brings strange
results.  Everybody is happy, there is singing, dancing, and
plenty of laughter.  The jungle and all its dangers is not at
one’s doorstep anymore; it’s far, far away.

8. There is so much beauty out there.  Can some of these
flowers, and greenery be brought back to the cave to make it more
pleasant?  Why not.  The modern woman has inherited this urge to
decorate and make her home a more pleasant place from these long
departed grandmothers.

9. Some plants are burned accidentally.  They emit a sweet
smell.  Why can’t they be burned in the cave to banish its
noxious odors?  Thus incense was born.  In time an improbable
connection is made between incense and spirits.  It remains to
this day a part of our religious rituals.

10. Discarded seeds near the clan’s grounds begin to sprout.
The resulting plant is identical to the one in the wild.  Could
it be the same plant?  But how is that possible?  There will be
many questions and a lot of thinking.  But sooner or later the
clan woman will realize that she can “domesticate” some plants
and grow them nearby.  There is now but a short distance to
travel from that discovery to agriculture and the dawn of

I could go on like that forever.  But I’ll stop after making
two additional and somewhat related critical points.

11. Clans that were at peace with each other must have met
at a certain point.  This was the opportunity for the women to
swap knowledge using the amazing ability of women to connect with
each other.  Then again, perhaps this is when this amazing
feminine connection phenomenon was born.  Whatever the case, the
gatherers played a critical role in spreading knowledge and in
bringing clans together.  In time, these clans were destined to
grow into tribes and eventually nations.

12.  The head of the gathering department for a given clan
will not live forever.  A human life ended very quickly, and very
abruptly in those faraway days.  Therefore, she needed to pass on
her knowledge to one or more talented helpers.  And she gradually
did that.

We are now face to face with the first school.  Indeed, the
first botany school, medical school, cooking school, and so on.
This was a university that, out of necessity, had to teach many
disciplines to a few very talented pupils.

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