Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Second Exodus – Egypt – CXLV. Proverbs (2 of 5)

11. El tama’a wa el ma gama’a.

Greed ultimately yield very little.

12. He wants her pretty, wealthy, and well bred.

Applies to a demanding suitor. The proverb was used to in effect tell (or refer to) a man looking for a bride to get real; he is not getting such a woman because he is not offering equivalent value.

13. Good breed need not be pointed out; it speaks for itself.

14. Whoever is drinking (liquor) doesn’t keep a count.

15. After the holiday, no cookies are baked.

This proverb was used in many instances, for it’s very versatile. I’ll provide you with a few examples.

A friend is visiting you after Christmas and is hinting that you are reputed for your baked goods. Obviously, she came too late for that. You can tell her the above proverb, except it would be too rude.

You finished writing an exam and did poorly. You hit your textbooks after the fact, and you lament that had you covered this or that area, you would have done well. Such an exercise is useful for it prepares you for the supplemental exam. However, if you’re still doing that two months later, you’re obviously obsessed; stop baking cookies after the party is over! Use your time to prepare properly for your next exam.

Too many people keep the Christmas “spirit” long after it’s over. You will in some cases still see Christmas decorations for as late as early March! The Christmas tree refuses to depart, even after it has shed most of its needles! Talk of useless gifts, regifts, and the long wait to return unwanted presents goes on until spring or beyond. Enough already! Stop baking cookies, the holidays are over!

16. Tizen fe lebass.

Two tushes (butts) in one pant.

Used to refer to two very good friends, or like we say in French: Des amis intimes (intimate friends).

17. I may be rich, but I still like to receive gifts.

18. Al zawa’i el moknessa, teb’a set el nessa.

Groom the broom with care, and “she” will look like a grand dame. (Applies to females only).

Any woman can enhance her appearance if she tries hard.

Individuals who are in the business of beautifying the fair sex, will tell that no matter what unlucky number (regarding looks) a woman drew in the genetic lottery, they can change her appearance for the better.

The right hairdo; a colorful (but balanced) make-up; clothing and accessories matching the features, shape, and complexion of the lady in question, can result in a complete metamorphosis.

19. Ma shatamak ela lebalaghak

The person that reported to you is the one that insulted you.

If Andrew tells you that Sam declared that you are a loser and will never amount to anything in life, who insulted you? Perhaps, the question can be posed in a different way: Who hurt you feelings? Andrew, obviously. Sam told Andrew that your position on the totem pole is rather low. Fine! But it’s reasonable to assume that Sam either didn’t want to tell you that to your face, or maybe he wanted to do so indirectly. Whatever the case, Andrew should have kept his mouth shut! Otherwise, it’s obvious that he enjoyed offending you while hiding behind the “skirts” of Sam.

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