Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – LVIII. The Eternal Isle of Paradise (3 of 4)

Nether Paradise

“Concerning nether Paradise, we only know that which is
revealed; personalities do not sojourn there.”

“We are informed that all physical energy have their origin
on nether Paradise.”

Nether Paradise is made out of the following regions:
Directly underneath the location of the Trinity, in the central
portion of nether Paradise, is the unknown and unrevealed Zone of
Infinity. This zone is immediately surrounded by an unnamed
area. Finally, occupying the outer margins of the under surface
is a region having mainly to do with space potency and force
energy. [P122].

[Those of you who are familiar with the physical sciences
may be interested in the details provided from pages 122 to 126.
This information is almost incomprehensible to me.]

The uniqueness of Paradise

Paradise is unique in that it is the realm of primal origin
and the ultimate goal of all spirit personalities. Many spirit
beings laboring in local universes are not immediately destined
to Paradise; however, in a future age, when the present universe
is settled in light and life, they will eventually journey to

Sometime in the eternal past, when the Universal Father gave
infinite personality expression of his spirit self in the being
of the Eternal Son, simultaneously he revealed the infinite
potential of his nonpersonal self as Paradise. Thus did the
Father project reality in two actual phases: The personal in the
person of the Eternal Son and the nonpersonal in the reality of
Paradise. “The tension between them in the face of will to
action by the Father and the Son, gave existence to the Conjoint
actor and the central universe of material worlds and spiritual
beings.” (Conjoint Actor is a synonym for the Infinite Spirit).

[As previously mentioned, the sequentiality (i.e. first the
Father, then the Son, followed by the Spirit, and finally
Paradise and the central universe) of these events is a
condescension to the circumscribed minds of mortal beings; in
reality the Father, the Son, the Spirit, Paradise, and the
central universe are eternal, they have no beginning and no end.
The material universes, on the other hand, are not infinite, they
have a beginning.]

“Paradise is the universal headquarters of all personality
activities and the source-center of all force-space and energy
manifestations. Everything which has been, now is, or is yet to
be, has come, now comes, or will come forth from this central
abiding place of the eternal Gods. Paradise is the center of all
creation, the source of all energies, and the place of primal
origin of all personalities.”

“After all, to mortal personalities the most important thing
about eternal Paradise is the fact that this perfect abode of the
Universal Father is the real and far-distant destiny of the
immortal souls of the mortal and material sons of God, the
ascending creatures of the evolutionary worlds of time and space.
Every God-knowing mortal who has espoused the career of doing the
Father’s will has already embarked upon the long, long Paradise
trail of divinity pursuit and perfection attainment. And when
such an animal-origin being does stand, as countless numbers now
do, before the Gods on Paradise, having ascended from the lowly
spheres of space, such an achievement represents the reality of
a spiritual transformation bordering on the limits of supremacy.”
[P126 & 127].

[Paper 27 on the “Ministry of the Primary Supernaphim”
(Supernaphim are angels at the Paradise level) is fascinating and
has some relevance to your Paradise career. If interested, read
it. I needed to put a cap on this narrative and therefore did
not include it.]

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