Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – LXI. The Sacred Spheres of Paradise (2 of 4)

5. Solitarington

“This world is the ‘bosom of the Father and the Spirit,’ and
is the rendezvous of a magnificent host of unrevealed beings of
origin of the conjoint acts of the Universal Father and the
Infinite Spirit, beings who partake of the traits of the Father
in addition to their Spirit inheritance.”

Solitarington is also the home of many other personalities,
example the Solitary Messengers.

The Secrets of Solitarington. Besides certain secrets of
trinitization, this sphere holds the secrets of the personal
relation of the Infinite Spirit with certain of His higher
offsprings. [P146].

6. Seraphington

“This sphere is the ‘bosom of the Son and the Spirit,’ and
is the home world of the vast hosts of unrevealed beings created
by the Son and the Spirit.” It is also the Paradise home of the
ministering orders of the angelic hosts, including supernaphim,
seconaphim, and seraphim.

The secrets of Seraphington involve a three fold mystery,
only one of which is mentioned (but not explained): The mystery
of seraphic transport. “The ability of various orders of
seraphim and allied spirit beings to envelop within their spirit
forms all orders of nonmaterial personalities and to carry them
away on lengthy interplanetary journeys, is a secret locked up in
the sacred sectors of Seraphington.”

The next passage is quite intriguing:

“The other mysteries of Seraphington pertain to the personal
experiences of types of spirit servers as yet not revealed to
mortals. And we refrain from discussing the secrets of such
closely related beings because you can almost comprehend such
near orders of existence, and it would be akin to betrayal of
trust to present even our partial knowledge of such phenomena.”
[P146 & 147].

The last sphere, Ascendington, is the most important for the
mortals of the numerous realms. It also defy summarization; I
will therefore provide you with the text as presented by the
Perfector of Wisdom.

7. Ascendington

“This unique world is the ‘bosom of the Father, Son, and
Spirit,’ the rendezvous of the ascendant creatures of space, the
receiving sphere of the pilgrims of time who are passing through
the Havona universe on their way to Paradise. Ascendington is
the actual Paradise home of the ascendant souls of time and space
until they attain Paradise status. You mortals will spend most
of your Havona ‘vacations’ on Ascendington. During your Havona
life Ascendington will be to you what the reversion directors
were during the local and superuniverse ascension. Here you will
engage in thousands of activities which are beyond the grasp of
mortal imagination. And as on every previous advance in the
Godward ascent, your human self will here enter into new
relationships with your divine self.”

The secrets of Ascendington include the mystery of the
gradual and certain building up in the material and mortal mind
of a spiritual and potentially immortal counterpart of character
and identity. This phenomenon constitutes one of the most
perplexing mysteries of the universes – the evolution of an
immortal soul within the mind of a mortal and material creature.”

“You will never fully understand this mysterious transaction
until you reach Ascendington. And that is just why all
Ascendington will be open to your wondering gaze. One seventh of
Ascendington is forbidden to me – that sector concerned with that
very secret which is (or will be) the exclusive experience and
possession of your type of being. This experience belongs to
your human order of existence. My order of personality is not
directly concerned with such transactions. It is therefore
forbidden to me and eventually revealed to you. But even after
it is revealed to you, for some reason it forever remains your
secret. You do not reveal it to us nor to any other order of
beings. We know about the eternal fusion of a divine Adjuster
and an immortal soul of human origin, but the ascendant
finaliters know this very experience as an absolute reality.”

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