Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – LXIII. The Sacred Spheres of Paradise (4 of 4)

The Worlds of the Infinite Spirit

These spheres are inhabited by the offspring of the Infinite
Spirit, by the trinitized sons of glorified created
personalities, and by other types of unrevealed beings concerned
with the effective administration of the many enterprises of the
various realms of universe activities.

“The Seven Master Spirits are the supreme and ultimate
representatives of the Infinite Spirit. They maintain their
personal stations, their power focuses, on the periphery of
Paradise, but all operations concerned with their management and
direction of the grand universe are conducted on and from these
seven special executive spheres of the Infinite Spirit. The
Seven Master Spirits are, in reality, the mind-spirit balance
wheel of the universe of universes, an all-embracing, all-
encompassing, and all-co-ordinating power of central location.”

“The executive abodes of the Seven Master Spirits are, in
reality, the Paradise headquarters of the seven superuniverses
and their correlated segments in outer space. Each Master Spirit
presides over one superuniverse, and each of these seven worlds
is exclusively assigned to one of the Master Spirits. There is
literally no phase of the sub-Paradise administration of the
seven superuniverses which is not provided for on these executive
worlds. They are not so exclusive as the spheres of the Father
or those of the Son, and though residential status is limited to
native beings and those who work thereon, these seven
administrative planets are always open to all beings who desire
to visit them, and who can command the necessary means of

“To me, these executive worlds are the most interesting and
intriguing spots outside of Paradise. In no other place in the
wide universe can one observe such varied activities, involving
so many different orders of living beings, having to do with
operations on so many diverse levels, occupations at once
material, intellectual, and spiritual. When I am accorded a
period of release from assignment, if I chance to be on Paradise
or in Havona, I usually proceed to one of these busy worlds of
the Seven Master Spirits, there to inspire my mind with such
spectacles of enterprise, devotion, loyalty, wisdom, and
effectiveness. Nowhere else can I observe such an amazing
interassociation of personality performance on all seven level of
universe reality. And I am always stimulated by the activities
of those who well know how to do their work, and who so
thoroughly enjoy doing it.” [P149 to 151].

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