Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – LXVI. The Corps of the Finality (3 of 3)

The Ultimate Adventure

The presumption (of future universes) presented by the two
Authors of this paper (Divine Counsellor and One Without Name and
Number) is further elaborated in these sublime and intriguing

“We venture the forecast of future and greater outer
universes of inhabited worlds, new spheres peopled with new
orders of exquisite and unique beings, a material universe
sublime in its ultimacy, a vast creation lacking in only one
important detail – the presence of actual finite experience in
the universal life of ascendant existence. Such a universe will
come into being under a tremendous experiential handicap: the
deprivation of participation in the evolution of the Almighty
Supreme. These outer universes will all enjoy the matchless
ministry and supernal overcontrol of the Supreme Being, but the
very fact of his active presence precludes their participation in
the actualization of the Supreme Deity.”

“During the present universe age the evolving personalities
of the grand universe suffer many difficulties due to the
incomplete actualization of the sovereignty of God the Supreme,
but we are all sharing the unique experience of his evolution.
We evolve in him and he evolves in us. Sometime in the eternal
future the evolution of Supreme Deity will become a completed
fact of universe history, and the opportunity to participate in
this wonderful experience will have passed from the stage of
cosmic action.”

“But those of us who have acquired this unique experience
during the youth of the universe will treasure it throughout all
future eternity. And many of us speculate that it may be the
mission of the gradually accumulating reserves of the ascendant
and perfected mortals of the Corps of the Finality, in
association with the other six similarly recruiting corps, to
administer these outer universes in an effort to compensate their
experiential deficiencies in not having participated in the time-
space evolution of the Supreme Being.”

The Uversa theory (of outer universes) is based, among
others, on the fact that there is a vast and new system of
universes gradually organizing in the domains of outer space.
Presently, these outer creations are wholly physical; they are
apparently uninhabited and seem to be devoid of creature

“It is increasingly the belief of all Uversa that the
assembling Corps of the Finality are destined to some future
service in the universes of outer space, where we already are
able to identify the clustering of at least seventy thousand
aggregations of matter, each of which is greater than any one of
the present superuniverses.”

The paper, and indeed Part I of the Book, end with this
superb and poetic summary of the ascender career.

“Evolutionary mortals are born on the planets of space, pass
through the morontia worlds, ascend the spirit universes,
traverse the Havona spheres, find God, attain Paradise, and are
mustered into the primary Corps of the Finality, therein to await
the next assignment of universe service. There are six other
assembling finality corps, but Grandfanda, the first mortal
ascender, presides as Paradise chief of all orders of finaliters.
And as we view this sublime spectacle, we all exclaim: What a
glorious destiny for the animal-origin children of time, the
material sons of space!” [P353 & 354].

[This voyage through space is coming to an end – well,
almost. I wish to close with some of my thoughts, but before
doing so I need to talk of the Supreme Being. (To avoid tedious
repetition, other names for the Supreme Being are used below;
they are all accepted synonyms that are used throughout the

No discussion of the sublime adventure awaiting the mortals
of the worlds of time and space would be complete if God the
Supreme was left out. Surely you must have been baffled by the
reference made by the above mentioned Revelators to the Supreme
Deity. What did they mean? Hopefully, by the time you read my
next section, you will have a better understanding of the above
quotations from the book.

Except for the Paradise Deity, and perhaps a few other
Universe Personalities, no Celestial Being can talk with finality
about the Almighty Supreme. You will therefore appreciate that
this poor mortal, even with the help of The Urantia Book, cannot
provide you with a definitive picture of this Deity now evolving
in the universe.]

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