Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

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The Sublime Adventure – LXVIII. The Supreme Being (2 of 7)

4) Humans gradually break the chains of imperfection in the
course of their long climb to Paradise. At the same time, God
gradually liberates Himself from the fetters of perfection. He
does this through the evolving Supreme Being. The Almighty
Supreme can be considered as a derived Deity or a Creator-
creature divinity. This liberation from perfection is not a
capricious act on the part of God, for the Supreme is the
synthetic cumulative total of all grand universe evolution. Put
in a simpler way, God thus gradually draws nearer to his
creation. Keep in mind that even when God the Supreme
actualizes, the Paradise Trinity will always exist as the
Absolute Deity. The Trinity is Absonite, they have no beginnings
or endings. The Supreme on the other hand may be considered as
Finite, He has a beginning but no ending.

5) God the Supreme will in the eternal future eventuate as
God the Ultimate and eventually as God the Absolute. I will
later on quote tentative definitions of these three
Personalities. (The Book does not refer to them as definitions,
but they come as close to a definition as I could find). Don’t
expect to fully understand them; at this stage of your existence
you use them to draw nearer to the divine.

6) The Supreme Deity “… is the indispensable focalizer,
summarizer, and encompasser of evolutionary experience,
effectively unifying the results of this mode of reality
perception in his Deity nature.” [P1266].

The Supreme can be fully appreciated only in his
relationship to the originating Trinity and the universe of

(The above points are simplified; I will be quoting the full
passages later on).

7) If you compare the exquisite perfection of Havona with
the turmoil, imperfections, and inequities of Urantia, you will
be forced to conclude that Havona was created by a perfect,
infinite, and absolute Creator. Worlds of time and space on the
other hand were created by Creators who were subabsolute,
preinfinite, and other than perfect.

The Supreme is a living and evolving Deity of power and
personality. He will attain perfection, but his present
experience encompasses the elements of growth and incomplete

At this stage of the universe history, the evolving
personalities of the universe suffer many difficulties due to the
incomplete actualization of the Supreme.

8) Physique may attain completed growth, spirit may achieve
perfection of development, but mind never ceases to progress,
“… it is the experiential technique of endless progress. The
Supreme is an experiential Deity and therefore never achieve
completion of mind attainment.” [P1269].

9) God the Supreme is presently actualizing in the material
universe. For the Supreme to become factual, the seven
superuniverses will have to be settled in light and life. There
are two facets to light and life: disharmony, maladjustment, and
misadaptation will have to disappear from the universes.
Physical stability and material equilibrium will have to be
achieved in the material universes.

The time involved to get there is beyond human
comprehension. Many worlds (and perhaps universes) have not yet
come into being, let alone attain light and life! For example,
on our young universe of Nebadon, we have less than 4 million
planets out of a total potential of 10 million worlds.

Many beings now tirelessly laboring on the universes, will
finally begin their own Paradise voyage once light and life is
achieved, and the Almighty Supreme complete his growth and
establish his sovereignty over the evolutionary creation. This
will be considered the beginning of a new universal age.

10) When a mortal chooses eternal survival, he is
contributing in a small measure to the evolution of the Supreme
Being. But if a human being rejects the eternal career, that
part of the Almighty Supreme which was dependant on this person’s
choice experiences inescapable delay. The personality of the
nonsurvivor is absorbed into the oversoul of creation becoming a
part of the Supreme Deity. The unique personality of a
nonascender returns to the Supreme as a drop of water returns to
the ocean.

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