Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – XLVII. Havona (2 of 10)

Life in Havona

The Revelator (a Perfector of Wisdom) had to fill an immense
gap to describe to the mortals of this planet what life in Havona
is like. Of necessity, his description is general in nature.
For this humble mortal, paraphrasing Him proved impossible. I am
therefore resorting to largely quoting some of his passages.

When you arrive on Havona, there is a definite task to be
achieved on each of the billion spheres.

“Life on the divine worlds of the central universe is so
rich and full, so complete and replete, that it wholly transcends
the human concept of anything a created being could possibly
experience. The social and economic activities of this eternal
creation are entirely dissimilar to the occupations of material
creatures living on evolutionary worlds like Urantia. Even the
technique of Havona thought is unlike the process of thinking on

“The regulations of the central universe are fittingly and
inherently natural; the rules of conduct are not arbitrary. In
every requirement of Havona there is disclosed the reason of
righteousness and the rule of justice. And these two factors,
combined, equal what on Urantia would be denominated fairness.
When you arrive in Havona, you will naturally enjoy doing things
the way they should be done.”

“When intelligent beings first attain the central universe,
they are received and domiciled on the pilot world of the seventh
Havona circuit. As the new arrivals progress spiritually, attain
identity comprehension of their superuniverse Master Spirit, they
are transferred to the sixth circle. (It is from these
arrangements in the central universe that the circles of progress
in the human mind have been designated.) After ascenders have
attained a realization of Supremacy and are thereby prepared for
the Deity adventure, they are taken to the fifth circuit; and
after attaining the Infinite Spirit, they are transferred to the
fourth. Following the attainment of the Eternal son, they are
removed to the third; and when they have recognized the Universal
Father, they go to sojourn on the second circuit of worlds, where
they become more familiar with the Paradise hosts. Arrival on
the first circuit of Havona signifies the acceptance of the
candidates of time into the service of Paradise. Indefinitely,
according to the length and nature of the creature ascension,
they will tarry on the inner circuits of progressive spiritual
attainment. From this inner circuit the ascending pilgrim pass
inward to Paradise residence and admission to the Corps of the

“During your sojourn in Havona as a pilgrim of ascent, you
will be allowed to visit freely among the worlds of the circuit
of your assignment. You will also be permitted to go back to the
planets of those circuits you have previously traversed. And all
this is possible to those who sojourn on the circles of Havona
without the necessity of being ensupernaphimed. The pilgrims of
time are able to equip themselves to traverse ‘achieved’ space
but must depend on the ordained technique to negotiate
‘unachieved’ space; a pilgrim cannot leave Havona nor go forward
beyond his assigned circuit without the aid of a transport

“There is a refreshing originality about this vast central
creation. Aside from the physical organization of matter and the
fundamental constitution of the basic orders of intelligent
beings and other living things, there is nothing in common
between the worlds of Havona. Every one of these planets is an
original, unique, and exclusive creation; each planet is a
matchless, superb, and perfect production. And this diversity of
individuality extends to all features of the physical,
intellectual, and spiritual aspects of planetary existence. Each
of these billion perfection spheres has been developed and
embellished in accordance with the plans of the resident Eternal
of Days. And this is just why no two of them are alike.”

“Not until you traverse the last of the Havona circuits and
visit the last of the Havona worlds, will the tonic of adventure
and the stimulus of curiosity disappear from your career. And
then will the urge, the forward impulse of eternity, replace its
forerunner, the adventure lure of time.”

“Monotony is indicative of immaturity of the creative
imagination and inactivity of intellectual co-ordination with the
spiritual endowment. By the time an ascendant mortal begins the
exploration of these heavenly worlds, he has already attained
emotional, intellectual, and social, if not spiritual maturity.”

“Not only will you find undreamed-of changes confronting you
as you advance from circuit to circuit in Havona, but your
astonishment will be inexpressible as you progress from planet to
planet within each circuit. Each of these billion study worlds
is a veritable university of surprises. Continuing astonishment,
unending wonder, is the experience of those who traverse these
circuits and tour these gigantic spheres. Monotony is not part
of the Havona career.”

The last two passages are more down to earth and relevant to
our life in the flesh.

“Love of adventure, curiosity, and dread of monotony – these
traits inherent in evolving human nature – were not put there
just to aggravate and annoy you during your short sojourn on
earth, but rather to suggest to you that death is only the
beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life
of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery.”

“Curiosity – the spirit of investigation, the urge of
discovery, the drive of exploration -is a part of the inborn and
divine endowment of evolutionary space creatures. These natural
impulses were not given you merely to be frustrated and
repressed. True, these ambitious urges must frequently be
restrained during your short life on earth, disappointment must
be often experienced, but they are to be fully realized and
gloriously gratified during the long ages to come.” [P158 to

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