Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

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The Sublime Adventure – XVIII. The Seven Mansion Worlds (1 of 7)

When Michael was on Urantia, He spoke of the “many mansions
in the Father’s universe.”  In a more specific way, He was
referring to the seven sub-satellites of transition world number
one (The Finaliter’s World) on Satania.  [P530].

Writing about the mansion worlds brings back many fond
memories.  Some 17 years ago (8 years after I started reading the
Book), I joined my first study group.  Once a week, I went with
my wife and my children to join a group of other Urantians.
There, we read and discussed different parts of the Book.  There
were no hard and fast rules followed to choose a paper.  We
followed some kind of sequence.  However, using one excuse or
another, we always find a reason to go back to paper 47 on the
mansion worlds!

There was nothing formal about this group (or indeed other
groups I attended afterwards).  We laughed, discussed other
topics, and generally got to know each other better.  Oh, I
shouldn’t forget, the hosts baked cookies which were consumed
together with donuts, muffins, and other goodies brought by the

This was no reading of a “sacred text.”  The Urantia Book is
not that at all; it informs us and gives us hope.  There is no
vengeful God contained within its pages, nor is there talk of
fire and brimstone!

Keep in mind that each of the mansion worlds is a bona fide
planet as large as Earth.  Therefore, there is plenty of space
for the activities which will be subsequently described.  Indeed,
while each of these spheres has thousand of small lakes and
enormous areas preserved in a natural state, there is much more
space available than on Urantia.

The oceans cover 70% of our planet.  At least another 10% is
unavailable because of our rivers, lakes, the uninhabitable parts
of our deserts, glacial regions (like the poles), and mountain
ranges.  Ultimately, we only live on 20% of our planet!

Differentiate in your mind between the mansion worlds and
the transition worlds.  The latter are major satellites of
Jerusem, about 10 times the size of Earth.  The mansion worlds as
already mentioned are the satellites of transition world number

I said in my previous article that readers of the Book were
divided regarding the timing of passing on to the mansion worlds.
Many readers maintained that we slept until there was a
dispensational resurrection; this is because we are under a
spiritual quarantine.  However, I distinctly remembered reading
that when Jesus departed Urantia, this particular barrier was
lifted.  When researching this article, I did find a passage
showing that I was right.

“Before the days of Christ Michael on Urantia all souls
slept on until the dispensational or special millennial
resurrections.  Even Moses was not permitted to go over to the
other side until the occasion of a special resurrection, the
fallen Planetary Prince, Caligastia, contesting such a
deliverance.  But ever since the days of Pentecost, Urantia
mortals again may proceed directly to the morontia spheres.”

[The minimum time (it could be longer) required to translate
from a mortal to a morontia being is 3 days.  Therefore, you will
sleep for at least 3 days.  Even Michael was not exempted.  He
was resurrected after 3 days, tarried on Urantia a while longer,
and appeared (in the morontia form) to his disciples and other
people 19 times].

The Book often managed to catch me by surprise.  When I
started reading the mansion worlds’ paper, I expected to land on
the first world, instead, I found myself in a nursery!

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