Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – XX. The Seven Mansion Worlds (3 of 7)

The First Mansion World

On the mansion worlds, the resurrected mortal survivors
carry on with their lives exactly where they left of when they
died.  The only difference is that we now have a different body;
“… the tabernacle of flesh and blood has been left behind on
the world of nativity.”

[I pause here to ask some questions:  Do we need to lavish
so much care on a material body that is destined to go back to
the earth from where it came?  Why are we so besotted by looks on
this planet; does that make any sense?  Organ donation gives life
to another human; why then are we (or the members of our family)
so reluctant to extend a helping hand from beyond the grave,
indeed from as far away as the mansion worlds where we are
embarking on a new beginning?

I am not providing my own answers.  Each one of us will have
to answer these questions for herself or himself.]

Inhabitants of normal planets know what to expect and won’t
be taken by surprise.  Urantia mortals, however, are in for a
shock.  They are clueless.  All of it will come right out of the
blue.  That won’t apply, of course, to the readers of the Book,
and to the readers of this article.  By the time you’re through
reading it, you will know what to expect.

The center of all activity on the first mansion world is the
resurrection hall, the enormous temple of personality assembly.
This gigantic structure is the meeting place of:  The Seraphic
Destiny Guardians, the Thought Adjusters, the Archangel of the
Resurrection, and the Life Carriers.

The mortal-mind transcripts and the active-memory patterns
are the individual possession of the detached Thought Adjusters.
The individual mind-matrix and the passive potentials of identity
are part of the soul who has been entrusted to a Seraphic Destiny
Guardian.  “And it is the reuniting of the morontia-soul trust of
the seraphim and the spirit-mind trust of the Adjuster that
reassembles creature personality and constitutes resurrection of
a sleeping survivor.”

From the Temple of New Life there extend seven radial wings,
the resurrection halls of the seven races of time.  There are
100,000 personal resurrection chambers in each of the seven
wings; they all converge on the circular class assembly halls,
which serve as the awakening chambers for as many as one million
mortals.  “Throughout all eternity you will recall the profound
memory impressions of your first witnessing of these resurrection

From the resurrection halls you proceed to the Melchizedek
sector where you will be provided with permanent residence.  You
are then given 10 days of personal liberty (since one day there
is equal to three of ours, you are in effect given a month).  You
are free to explore the immediate area around your new home and
to familiarize yourself with the program of forthcoming
activities.  Unless you’re totally without family and friends,
you will use this free time to consult the registry and call upon
family and friends who have preceded you on Mansonia.

At the end of this short vacation you will begin your
training; you will resume your intellectual and spiritual
development at the exact level whereon they were when interrupted
by death.  Your physical death does not add one iota of
knowledge; you begin over there right where you left off down

Most of the experience on the first mansion world pertains
to deficiency ministry.  Survivors arriving on this world “…
present so many and such varied defects of creature character and
deficiencies of mortal experience that the major activities of
the realm are occupied with the correction and cure of these
manifold legacies of the life in the flesh on the material
evolutionary worlds of time and space.”

On the first world you will encounter the Morontia
Companions.  They will assist you in many ways.  They serve as
personal guides assigned to ascending mortals.  They also act as
interpreters and translators, building custodians, and excursion
supervisors.  They are free to accompany individuals or groups to
any of the transition-culture spheres and their satellites.  They
often take groups to periodic visits to Jerusem.  While on
Jerusem you can go to the registry sector and meet ascending
mortals from all seven of the mansonia world since they freely
travel back and forth between their residences and the system
capital.  [P532 to 534].

[That strong urge to travel and see new places was put into
us to prepare us for all the numerous wonders we will see as we
wend our way through the universe.]

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