Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – XXVIII. The Morontia Life (4 of 6)

Morontia World Seraphim – Transition Ministers

While all orders of angels minister on the morontia worlds,
the transition ministers are to a large extent assigned to these

You should be aware that the morontia life of an ascending
mortal is initiated on its native planet at the conception of the
soul, at that moment when the creature mind of moral status is
indwelt by the Thought Adjuster.  “And from that moment on, the
mortal soul has potential capacity for supermortal function, even
for recognition on the higher levels of the morontia spheres of
the local universe.”  Accordingly, these ministers function on
Urantia, but only on the mansion worlds do we become aware of

They are assigned for service in the following seven

1.  Seraphic Evangels.  The moment you regain consciousness
on the mansion worlds, you are classified as an evolving spirit
in the records of the system.  True, you are not yet a spirit,
but you are no longer a mortal being; “… you have embarked on
the prespirit career and have been duly admitted to the morontia

Early on you will be faced with some important choices.  The
evangels will help you choose among the optional routes to
Edentia, Salvington, Uversa, and Havona.  If there are a number
of equally attractive options, these will be put before you and
you will be permitted to select the one that most appeals to you.
“These seraphims then make recommendations to the four and twenty
advisers on Jerusem concerning that course which would be most
advantageous for each ascending soul.”

You are not given total freedom to select your future
course.  However, you can choose within the limits set by the
transition ministers and their superiors.  “The spirit world is
governed on the principle of respecting your freewill choice
provided the course you may choose is not detrimental to you or
injurious to your fellows.”

Evangels on Urantia counsel the human teachers of truth and
righteousness to adhere to the preaching of “the goodness of God
which lead to repentance,” to proclaim “the love of God, which
casts out all fear.”  In connection with this, one of them gave
us our most beloved psalm, the 23rd psalm.

He whispered it one night to the shepherd boy.  He could not
retain it word for word, but to the best of his memory he gave it
much as we have it today.  You can reread the bible version and
compare it with the original on page 552 of the Book.  I find
both versions exquisite.

2.  Racial interpreter.  The Book on occasion addresses the
topic of races.  I stayed away from it for two reasons:  First,
there is only so much I can say in a short article.  Second, race
is always a delicate subject on this planet.  In this case,
however, these seraphim specializes in this important area.  So
let us therefore hear them out.

“All races of mortal beings are not alike.  True, there is a
planetary pattern running through the physical, mental, and
spiritual natures and tendencies of the various races of a given
world; but there are also distinct racial types, and very
definite social tendencies characterize the offsprings of these
different basic types of human beings.  On the worlds of time the
seraphic racial interpreters further the efforts of the race
commissioners to harmonize the varied viewpoints of the races,
and they continue to function on the mansion worlds, where these
same differences tend to persist in a measure.  On a confused
planet, such as Urantia, these brilliant beings have hardly had a
fair opportunity to function, but they are the skillful
sociologists and the wise ethnic advisers of the first heaven.”

3.  Mind Planners.  These seraphim are responsible for the
effective grouping of morontia beings into teams.  They are the
psychologists of mansonia.

These mind planners study the nature, experience, and status
of the Adjuster souls in transit through the mansion worlds and,
based on their observations, they group them for assignment and
advancement.  Corporations, institutions and governments here on
Earth have humans carrying out similar functions.  The difference
is that these seraphim do not scheme, manipulate, or otherwise
take advantage of the limitations of the mansion worlds students.
They are wholly fair and eminently just.  “Here you are face to
face with true friends and understanding counsellors, angels who
are really able to help you ‘to see yourself as others see you’
‘and to know yourself as angels know you'”

4.  Morontia counsellors.  These personalities teach,
direct, and counsel the pilgrims of time from their native
planets, mansonia, and on to the higher schools of the system
capital.  “They are the teachers of those who seek insight into
the experiential unity of divergent life levels, those who are
attempting the integration of meanings and the unification of
values.  This is the function of philosophy in mortal life, of
mota on the morontia spheres.”

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