Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – XXXIX. Our Capital (2 of 5)

World 1: The Melchizedeks Sons

The primary world of the Melchizedeks is considered the
pilot world of the Salvington circuit; and it is also considered
the home world of the Melchizedeks Sons. Overall, the 490
spheres are often referred to as the Melchizedek University. All
ascending pilgrims coming from the different constellations are
trained on many of the 490 worlds in the acquirement of
residential status on Salvington.

On the pilot world, a variety of beings dedicate themselves
to the education and the spiritualization of the ascending
mortals. To an ascender this world is probably the most
interesting in all of Nebadon. This is where you will land after
you graduate from the constellation. “And never will you forget
your reactions to the first day of life on this unique world, not
even after you have reached your Paradise destination.”

Pilgrims from the evolutionary worlds maintain residence on
the Melchizedek world while pursuing their education on the six
encircling planets of specialized education. This method is
maintained throughout their (the ascenders) sojourn on the
seventy cultural worlds, the primary spheres of the Salvington

The education received on the 6 satellites of the
Melchizedek sphere includes:

Satellite 1 is dedicated to the review of the initial
planetary life of the ascending pilgrims. This class will
comprise only persons from your planet of origin. Thus, in our
case, we will be with human beings who once dwelt on Urantia.

Satellite 2 is a review of the experiences on the mansion

Satellite 3 is a review of the sojourn on the system capital
and the spheres encircling it.

Satellite 4 is a review of the time spent on the seventy
tributary worlds of the constellation and their associated

Satellite 5 is a review of the ascendant sojourn on the
constellation headquarter world.

“The time spent on sphere number 6 is devoted to an attempt
to correlate these five epochs and thus achieve co-ordination of
experience preparatory to entering the Melchizedek primary
schools of universe training.”

The schools of universe administration and spiritual wisdom
are located on the Melchizedek home world; there you will also
find schools dedicated to a single line of research; for
instance, energy, matter, records and ethics.

“The highest course of training in universe administration
is given by the Melchizedeks on their home world. This college
of high ethics is presided over by the original Father
Melchizedek. It is to these schools that the various universes
send exchange students. While the young universe of Nebadon
stands low in the scale of universes as regards spiritual
achievement and high ethical development, nevertheless, our
administrative troubles have so turned the whole universe into a
vast clinic for other near-by creations that the Melchizedek
colleges are thronged with student visitors and observers from
other realms. Besides the immense group of local registrants
there are always upward of one hundred thousand foreign students
in attendance upon the Melchizedek schools, for the order of
Melchizedeks in Nebadon is renowned throughout all Splandon.”
[P387 & 388].

[Splandon is our major sector. A major sector includes
10,000 local universes. This tells you how extraordinary the
reputation of our Melchizedek colleges are; 10,000 universes send
exchange students to it! Their (the Melchizedeks) knowledge is
the direct result of the trials and tribulations of our universe.
Following the same line of reasoning, Urantia, which is way down
in Nebadon, is bound to produce extraordinary planetary citizens
by virtue of the endless hardships visited upon our planet.]

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