Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

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What Women Want – IX. Must be Humorous (1 of 2)

Make a woman laugh and she may give you the key to her
heart.  She may change the lock later on, but at least for now,
you’ve been admitted to the inner sanctum!

Because a sense of humor is so important, and goes beyond
starting and maintaining a relationship, let us look at its
different aspects.

Why is a sense of humor important?

In your mind, review the events of the previous year.  How
many hardships, disappointments, and unwelcome surprises you’ve
had?  Quite a few, no doubt.

Each one of us copes differently with life’s difficulties,
however, we will all, at one time or another, use our sense of
humor.  For me, a sense of humor is a necessity of life, it
follows closely after the need for food, drink, and sleep.  Had
the Creator not provided us with the ability to laugh, life would
be unbearable.

A sense of humor is part of our genetic package.  Nurture
will also play a role; you may possess the “funny” gene, but if
you’re born among a humorless family, you will lack a sense of
humor.  But no matter, ultimately, if you work at it, you can
develop your sense of humor.  How?

Do not take everything too seriously.  Most of life’s
problems are not major.  Learn to see the lighter side of things.
It takes practice, but you can learn to laugh off the unavoidable
hassles and annoyances of everyday life.

What you can’t change in life should be met head on with a
sense of humor.  If you don’t learn to do that, you become a
burden to the woman in your life.  That in turn can have a
negative impact on your relationship.

Needless to say, sickness or major threats to your marriage
are hardly a laughing matter.  There is a time that calls for
sadness or even crying, just as there is a time for laughter.
Even a 10-year-old can tell the difference.

There is a saying in the southern U.S. which sums the above
quite nicely:  “When life hands you lemons, make a lemonade!”

Women love men with a sense of humor

A man with a sense of humor has an easier time attracting
women.  Attraction is not a logical thing, it is mostly ruled by
emotions.  So what is at play here?

For women, attraction will start with looks, but doesn’t
stop there.  They will look at personality, self-esteem,
confidence level, and many other intangible qualities.  Consider
it as an exam.  You get more than one question, and your final
mark should be high enough for you to pass and do well.  A C or D
will not get you the good-looking, educated, and intelligent
woman you crave.  What we guys call the classy lady.

Women love men who can make them laugh.  More so when they
consider this guy as a no-nonsense person.  It is very important
for a woman to be comfortable with you; if you appear remote, she
is no longer at ease.  Of course, if you come across as being a
funny individual, she will feel that it is easy to hang out
with you.

Most of the men who were successful with attractive women
were not afraid to make fun of them, and even challenge them
rather than complimenting them.  Beautiful women do not want to
be put on a pedestal all the time.  It does get tiring.  Poking
fun at them is a welcome change and they will love you for it.

Silly jokes and childish behavior is abhorrent to most
women.  It doesn’t qualify as good humor.  Crude jokes are
totally out of the question with a new date.  The lewd stories
will keep.  It should be obvious, but it isn’t as I was often
told by women.  One of them explained to me that this is the main
reason why a young woman will look for a man somewhat older than
her.  She loved my sense of humor, but there was a stumbling
block, a small (30 years!) difference in age.

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