Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

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What Women Want – XVI. Must be Romantic (3 of 3)

The six secrets to attain a truly romantic relationship

1. From a young age, a woman pursue an impossible dream,
that of finding a truly romantic partner.  Eventually, she has to
compromise and accept a male lacking this important “quality.”
Nevertheless, she is left with an empty feeling.  The man, on the
other hand is asked to inject romance into his marriage.  He
can’t, for you can’t give what you don’t have.  In the final
analysis, both end up unsatisfied and frustrated.  But it’s not a
hopeless quest.  The secret here is that nobody is born romantic
(it’s not in our genes).  Romance like most things, is learned,
practiced, and perfected.

2. Bedtime stories unfailingly include tales of prince
charming sweeping the princess off her feet.  Princesses today
are scarce.  Prince charming is a rarity.  A few, very few, men
are entitled to the title.  Again we need not despair.  The
secret here is that unromantic men (really most of the male
crowd) need to devote more time to romance, because it is really

3. As already discussed, the relationship between a man and
a woman should be – but unfortunately isn’t – a two-way street.
What you as a woman expect from a man, he expects the same from
you.  When it comes to basic needs, the sexes are not different
from one another.  Many women will tell you, “he doesn’t like to
be romanced.”  Wake up ladies!  To be romanced is not some kind
of mystic ceremony!  You’re only telling him that he is loved and
appreciated.  Why would he not like that?  The secret here is
that no matter what the gender is, we want to feel that we are
special to another person, we want to be valued for who we are.

4. We think of romance as some kind of mathematical formula.
Not true; it is subject to change.  The reality is that it is as
unique as your own personality.  What is romantic to one person
may be abhorrent to another individual.  Since romance is about
showing love and appreciation, it becomes incredibly personal.
Your personality will dictate the criteria.

My own wife presented me with a gift which will keep on
giving for the rest of my days.  She encouraged me to explore the
world of opera; and we both over many years learned to enjoy it
together.   The secret here is that romance is flexible, it can be adapted to any relationship.  You only need to make the required effort.

5. Men and women can use a little help in their quest to
inject some romance in their lives.  Books by “experts” abound.
They are largely useless, for individuals need practical, down-
to-earth help.  Real life problems requires real life solutions.
The secret here is that you’re not left to cope by yourself.  You
can acquire help from outside sources to spice up your romantic
life.  The assistance can come from friends, relatives, and if
necessary from therapists.  Just watching and learning from other
couples can really promote your romantic life.  Ultimately,
you’re getting made-to-measure aid, something that no book in the
world can give you.

6. During the great wars, letters kept the romance going
between the soldiers and their sweethearts back home.  When the
war was over, the candle of romance was still burning, and many
weddings took place.  You probably exist today because of this
exchange of correspondence!  Wars unfortunately are not a thing
of the past, and we can wax poetic even in an E-Mail!  The secret
here is that it only takes a small effort to keep the romance


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Julie Steeper

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