Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

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The Sublime Adventure – I. General Comments

1.    When I managed to complete my series on “The Third Article of Faith,” I was encouraged to write more on the Urantia Book.

It occurred to me that I can perhaps take the reader through
the adventure of eternity; from the time you “wake up” (after
physical death) on the first mansion world until you attain
Paradise, is embraced by God, and is mustered in the Corps of the
Finality. It’s a very long voyage through the universe; the time
involved is beyond human understanding. But what a grand
adventure this is; it is filled with delights, learning, and
challenges that cannot be described in human terms.

To condense all that in one series proved a daunting task.
But it was also a labor of love.

It is long; so be patient!

2. While “The Third Article of Faith” (click on Cosmology) is not a prerequisite
to understand this narrative, if you haven’t read it, you are
urged to read it first. If you do not wish to read the whole
thing, read at least Parts I, VI, and XII.

3. As much as possible, I am providing you with the page
numbers. The whole Book is online; feel free to go to the site
( ), enter in the search area the page number, and
you’ll get pages before, after, the beginning of the paper in
question, the next paper, etc.

A word of caution. The revelators talked of receptivity,
i.e. the humans on our planet who are ready for these
revelations. The overwhelming majority are not. It may take a
century or more for that to happen. Therefore, unless you feel
ready, I strongly suggest that you stick to my summary and don’t
go to the Book. Indeed, I would go as far as saying that if this writing
(or parts thereof) trouble you, or contradict your
religious beliefs, then leave it alone.

4. Before you get to the point where you “open your eyes” on
the first world of our system of Satania, there are a number of
parts that, out of necessity, are included.  I cannot, for
example, talk of the first sphere you will inhabit without
talking of architectural worlds, and describing Satania and how
it is administered. I also need to provide you with an overview
of the grand universe. Indeed, I have to start with the Deity,
the nature of the Trinity, the decision to create, and what
creation entails. Even when I start in earnest, my narration
will include Beings, Places, and Concepts that are needed for you
overall understanding.

Be patient. After all, you have eternity ahead of you!

5. I introduce, at times, names of Personalities,
Locations, etc., without further explanations. I may eventually
explain what the term means, or I may not. There are so many
details in the Book, it’s impossible to stop and explain
everything. The Revelators had the same problem except that
everything was eventually explained. That won’t be the case

6. Out of necessity, many topics that are overly long
and/or complex had to be broken into parts. For example:  “The
Seven Mansion Worlds (1 of 7)”; “The Seven … (2 of 7)”, and so

7. I have encountered, or read the comments, of many people
that are ready to challenge the Book’s contents. I have no
patience with these individuals. They haven’t read the Book,
they simply take passages out of context to “make their case.”
Their favorite weapon: All the unusual names in the Book. And
that is indeed what I want to talk about.

Don’t get hung up on names such as Nebadon, Jerusem,
Satania, Havona, Perfection of Days, Recent of Days, Vorondadek
and Lanonandek Sons and so on.

You might say that Satania comes from Satan. Perhaps. But
so what? That Jerusem comes from Jerusalem. For your
information, Jerusem, the capital of our system, existed long
before our planet even came into being! Moreover, Jerusalem
started as the community of Salem founded by Machiventa
Melchizedek. It then became the city of Jebus; and only after
that was it named Jerusalem, a name most probably derived from
Jerusem! Even Urantia is similar to Uranus. Rest assured that
the name Urantia was known in the far past on our planet. And
that was long before we were advanced enough to identify and name
the planets in our solar system.

The Revelators had a lot of trouble using one of the
languages of the realm to transmit the papers. They complained
to their human collaborators (but not in the book itself) about
the “extreme paucity of the English language.” Now English is
one of the richest language we have on this planet. To my mind
it is also the most versatile. But for Higher Personalities who
have been commissioned to deliver complex revelations, it was a
very poor language indeed.

The Higher Beings did the best they could. That they
succeeded in giving us the Urantia Book is a testimony to their
supernal capabilities. One of them explain the dilemma the
revelators faced in the next passage.

“These triune rulers of the major sectors are peculiarly
perfect in the mastery of administrative details, hence their
name – Perfections of Days. In recording the names of these
beings of the spiritual world, we are confronted with the problem
of translating into your tongue, and very often it is exceedingly
difficult to render a satisfactory translation. We dislike to
use arbitrary designations which would be meaningless to you;
hence we often find it difficult to choose a suitable name, one
which will be clear to you and at the same time be somewhat
representative of the original.” [P210].

8. Why should I accept the Urantia Book’s teachings and by
extension your summary ?

You don’t! You are a thinking human being, and you’re
endowed with freewill. I would be shocked if anybody tells me
that he or she has accepted, at face value, in part or in whole,
the content of this series. You use my narrative as a starting
point, or simply read it out of curiosity.

It took me a year to accept that the Book was written by
Celestial Beings and not by humans. It took me many years to
accept most of the concepts in the Book. Some I have not yet
accepted and probably won’t while I dwell in the flesh. The same
applies to other readers of the Book.

9. I used to be a part of a study group that has long ago
disbanded. There is now a new group in Ottawa. Study groups no
doubt exist in all the major cities in the world. If you live in
Chicago, you can meet readers who are part of a study group who
gather in the Foundation’s building. The Urantia Foundation can
put you in touch (provide website address, address, phone number,
etc.) with study groups anywhere in the world.

One Response to “The Sublime Adventure – I. General Comments”

  1. Arno Says:

    Greetings Roland

    Just to let you know that I’m rather impressed and highly appreciative of you posts re. TUB. I happened on your site due to me having a Google Alert for *Urantia* – and subsequently subscribed to your blog.

    Thank you for the time spent to share your thoughts and in helping to elucidate this wonderful FER.

    Do know that there is one reader that’s looking forward in anticipation to your installments!