Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – LXXII. The Supreme Being (6 of 7)

“It is conjectured that at this far-distant time the spirit
person of the Supreme and attained power of the Almighty will
have achieved co-ordinate development, and that both, as unified
in and by the Supreme Mind, will factualize as the Supreme Being,
a completed actuality in the universes – an actuality which will
be observable by all creatures intelligences, reacted to by all
created energies, co-ordinated in all spiritual entities, and
experienced by all universe personalities.”

“This concept implies the actual sovereignty of the Supreme
in the grand universe. It is altogether likely that the present
Trinity administrators will continue as his vicegerents, but we
believe that the present demarcations between the seven
superuniverses will gradually disappear, and that the entire
grand universe will function as a perfected whole.” [P1292].

“It is possible that the Supreme may then be personally
resident on Uversa, the headquarters of Orvonton, from which he
will direct the administration of the time creations, but this is
really only a conjecture. Certainly, though, the personality of
the Supreme Being will be definitely contactable at some specific
locality, although the ubiquity of his Deity presence will
probably continue to permeate the universe of universes. What
the relation of the superuniverse citizens of that age will be to
the Supreme we do not know, but it may be something like the
present relationship between the Havona natives and the Paradise
Trinity.” [P1292 & 1293].

“The perfected grand universe of those future days will be
vastly different from what it is at present. Gone will be the
thrilling adventures of the organization of the galaxies of
space, the planting of life on the uncertain worlds of time, and
the evolving of harmony out of chaos, beauty out of potentials,
truth out of meanings, and goodness out of values. The time
universes will have achieved the fulfillment of finite destiny!
And perhaps for a space there will be rest, relaxation from the
agelong struggle for evolutionary perfection. But not for long!
Certainly, surely, and inexorably the enigma of the emerging
Deity of God the Ultimate will challenge these perfected citizens
of the settled universes just as their struggling evolutionary
forebears were once challenged by the quest for God the Supreme.
The curtain of cosmic destiny will draw back to reveal the
transcendent grandeur of the alluring absonite quest for the
attainment of the Universal Father on those new and higher levels
revealed in the ultimate of creature experience.” [P1293].

“While the domain of mathematics is beset with qualitative
limitations, it does provide the finite mind with a conceptual
basis for contemplating infinity. There is no quantitative
limitations to numbers, even in the comprehension of the finite
mind. No matter how large the number conceived, you can always
envisage one more being added. And also, you can comprehend that
that is short of infinity, for no matter how many times you
repeat this addition to number, still always one more can be

“At the same time, the infinite series can be totalled at
any given point, and this total (more properly, a subtotal)
provides the fullness of the sweetness of goal attainment for a
given person at a given time and status. But sooner or later,
this same person begins to hunger and yearn for new and greater
goals, and such adventures in growth will be forever forthcoming
in the fullness of time and the cycles of eternity.” [P1294].

“On the absolute and eternal level, potential reality is
just as meaningful as actual reality. Only on the finite level
and to time-bound creatures does there appear to be such a vast
difference. To God, as absolute, an ascending mortal who has
made the eternal decision is already a Paradise finaliter. But
the Universal Father, through the indwelling Thought Adjuster, is
not thus limited in awareness but can also know of, and
participate in, every temporal struggle with the problems of the
creature ascent from animallike to Godlike levels of existence.”

“The omnipotence of Deity does not imply the power to do the
nondoable. Within the time-space frame and from the intellectual
reference point of mortal comprehension, even the infinite God
cannot square circles or produce evil that is inherently good.
God cannot do the ungodlike thing. Such a contradiction of
philosophic terms is the equivalent of nonentity and implies that
nothing is thus created. A personality trait cannot at the same
time be Godlike and ungodlike. Compossiblity is innate in divine
power. And all this is derived from the fact that omnipotence
not only creates things with a nature but also gives origin to
the nature of all things and beings.”

“God is truly omnipotent, but he is not omnificent – he does
not personally do all that is done. Omnipotence embraces the
power potential of the Almighty Supreme and the Supreme Being,
but the volitional acts of God the Supreme are not the personal
doings of God the Infinite.”

“To advocate the omnificence of Primal Deity would be equal
to disenfranchising well-nigh a million Creators Sons of
Paradise, not to mention the innumerable hosts of various other
orders of concurring creative assistants. There is but one
uncaused Cause in the whole universe. All other causes are
derivatives of this one First Great Source and Center. And none
of this philosophy does any violence to the freewillness of the
myriads of the children of Deity scattered through a vast
universe.” [1299].

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