Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – VI. Creation (2 of 2)

At the lower levels (e.g. the Seraphims) they can, and do,
undertake (like us) the ascending career.  They are capable of
reaching Paradise and becoming Finaliters.

One important difference with the Paradise creation is that
they can rebel, betray their trust, and create havoc.  It doesn’t
happen at the higher levels such as the Melchizedek Sons (at
least not on our universe), but it does happen at the lower
levels such as the System Rulers, the Planetary Princes, and the

Nebadon “… has been unfortunate in that over seven hundred
Sons of the Lanonandek order have rebelled against the universe
government, thus precipitating confusion in several systems and
on numerous planets.  Of these entire number of failures only
three were System Sovereigns…”

“The large number of these Sons who have lapsed from
integrity does not indicate any fault in creatorship.  They could
have been made divinely perfect, but they were so created that
they might better understand, and draw near to, the evolutionary
creatures dwelling on the worlds of time and space.”  [P393].

“There exists a plan for saving these wayward and unwise
Sons, and many have availed themselves of this merciful
provision; but never again may they function in those positions
wherein they defaulted.  After rehabilitation they are assigned
to custodial duties and to departments of physical
administration.”  [P394].

During the Lucifer Rebellion, the greatest loss occurred in
the angelic ranks.  As well, 681,217 Material Sons were lost in
Satania.  [P608].

A second chance was given to these rebellious beings.
Thousands of Angels and Material Sons and Daughters accepted the
proffered mercy.  They are held on the Father’s world of Jerusem
until the lawsuit of Gabriel vs Lucifer is settled.  “But no one
doubts that, when the annihilation verdict is issued, these
repentant and salvaged personalities will be exempted from the
decree of extinction.”  [P610].

Don’t misunderstand me when I talk of higher and lower
levels of beings.  Yes, there is a hierarchy in the heavens.
There is a reporting system.  There are meetings, conclaves, and
tours of inspection.  There are also Deliberative Assemblies.  As
I am writing this, there are Personalities stationed,
(permanently or temporarily) for a specific purpose, on Urantia.
The Revelators who authored the papers of the Book were
directed to do so.  And they came on our planet, one by one,
accompanied by staff, to dictate their share of the revelations.
Even though they were enjoined by their superiors to complete
this assignment, they (judging by their writing) immensely
enjoyed the task of educating the lowly mortals of this planet.

Put in a different way, Celestial Beings do not have a caste
system; they derive great satisfaction from undertaking
assignments given to them by what we view as their superiors.
Then again their level of maturity is something we cannot even
begin to comprehend at this stage of our existence.

You might say (when reading of Deliberative Assemblies,
meetings, etc.) that their governments work like ours.  Yes, but
at a much higher level.  Also their system of administration
existed long before our planet came into being!  Remember, this
is a case of the humans imitating the Gods and not the other way

So how does their hierarchy differ from ours?

There is no hurting other beings for furthering one’s
career.  There is no backstabbing, gossiping, whispering in the
ear of the boss about the failings of so and so.  There is no
corruption in government and dirty ploys to win the next
election.  There is no lying, cheating, and manipulating other
beings.  There is no betrayal of trust (with the exceptions
mentioned above).  There is dependency and competency.  There is
no need to follow up; if you hand out an assignment, it will
assuredly be satisfactorily completed.  There is no…, well, you
get the idea.  But don’t despair, one day you will be like them!

Sexual Reproduction on the Worlds of Time and Space

There is no doubt that huge resources are invested in
raising our children.  From babyhood to adulthood, families, and
society as a whole, mobilize tremendous energy, time, and money.
Once they (our children) reach adulthood, they repeat the process
all over again.

Behind the scene, work that took millions of years went on
to develop and establish life, nurture it, and await the arrival
of the first will creatures on any given planet.

It would be insane therefore to assume that all of this is
done without a logical reason.  All of which brings us to the
next question:  Why are we here?

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