Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – VII. Why Are We Here? (1 of 3)

The most direct answer to this question is the desire of the
Father to share His love with an entire universe.  Once the
universe was created and Higher Beings brought forth to rule this
vast domain, He created humans, on countless planets, in His own
image (by providing them with a fragment of Himself, the Thought

God can do everything Himself if He chooses.  In actual
fact, He has delegated most of His authority to His created
intelligences.  He has reserved for Himself only that which
cannot be done by other beings.  This passage from the book puts
it so touchingly.

“With divine selflessness, consummate generosity, the
Universal Father relinquishes authority and delegates power, but
he is still primal; his hand is on the mighty lever of the
circumstances of the universal realms; he has reserved all final
decisions and unerringly wields the all-powerful veto scepter of
his eternal purpose with unchallengeable authority over the
welfare and destiny of the outstretched, whirling, and ever-
circling creation.”  [P52].

Asking “Why are we here?” is in effect inquiring as to God’s
intentions concerning us.  There are so many clues in the Book;
so many things are expected from us; and yet, there is nothing
definitive that I can personally perceive.  I cannot provide you
(or my own self for that matter) with a short and simple answer.
I suspect that God’s plans are evolutionary in nature; they will
evolve as the universe unfolds.

Perhaps it is easier to ask what our duties are now, and
what they will be in the future (i.e. after physical death).  Put
in a different way, how do we do the “Father’s will,” and strive
toward the ultimate goal:  “Be you perfect as I am perfect.”

On our planet, during our human life, we have important work
to do.

First, we cooperate with each other to have a well
functioning society.  Whether you’re a nurse in a hospital caring
for the sick, or a master builder building homes for families to
live in, we each have a contribution to make.  Our work is not
our only concern.  We have a house to run, children to raise,
finances to manage, and so on.  In effect, except for children
and old people, most of us give more than we receive.  The
difference is what allows a society to progress.  The higher the
output is over the input, the more advanced a given society is.

The above is our role in human affairs.  But our
responsibilities doesn’t end there.  As the intelligent beings,
we are entrusted with a whole planet!  We should nurture it, and
leave it in a better shape than we found it to future
generations.  We should treat the animals on our planet humanely.
We should keep a watchful eye on species that are in danger of
going extinct.  Above all we should cause no damage, or as the
expression goes, tread lightly upon the earth.

Primitive humans (on any given planet) are not advanced
enough to discharge such a responsibility.  But no matter, there
aren’t enough of them, nor are they technologically advanced to
cause much damage.  On most planets, time and progress bring an
awareness of this difficult role.  Their planetary
responsibilities are taken seriously.  On Urantia the opposite
has happened!  The more we advanced, the more we abused our
planet!  Is it any wonder then that we are still considered a
backward planet?

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