Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – VIII. Why Are We Here? (2 of 3)

When our life on our native planet terminates, we are ready
to start our work in the universe.  Ascending pilgrims from the
worlds of time and space are considered invaluable for two

First, we start at the lowest level possible and add layer
upon layer of knowledge and experience.  By the time we reach the
heights, we are a superb and incredibly versatile creature.

A newborn baby comes equipped with a few basic instincts and
nothing else.  She has a sucking instinct to nourish herself.
She howls if she is hungry, wet, or in pain.  Everything else,
she will have to learn.  And she will progress quickly.  She can
early on sort out sounds and smells that are relevant to her. She
can differentiate between a smile and a frown.  She can learn to
manipulate by adjusting her crying.  At 3 months, she can
recognize faces and will raise Cain if a stranger picks her up.

At 2 she will become a very demanding little person.  By 3
she will have learned that pushing everybody around is not really
possible and will lower her expectations.  At 4 she already has a
good mastery of her native tongue.  Then comes school,
university, work, and family responsibilities.

Let us assume that this person dies at 95.  She will take to
the Mansion Worlds her valuable human experience.  It is unique
in many ways.  Examples:  Her own unique personality.  Her
cultural background.  The planet she comes from.

During your life in the flesh, you labor under a major
constraint.  A human life can never be extended to serve a
particular purpose or complete a task that was started.  For
example, a woman can die before she had a chance to finish
raising her children.  A scientist can die before finishing
groundbreaking research.

The above add to the uniqueness of a human being; higher
beings are not subjected to the discipline of physical death and
its consequences.

A human life is shaped by too many events to ever be
duplicated.  In the whole universe, no two human lives are
exactly alike.  You bring with you what no other individual can.

You therefore arrive at your first destination as a unique
being.  Three things will be expected from you:  Learn, teach and
serve.  You are expected to learn many things.  All help will be
provided to further your education.  No stigma will ever be
attached to you if you arrive as a totally illiterate person on
the first Mansion World.  The difference between you and a
Harvard graduate is that he will advance more quickly.

What you have learned, you will be asked to teach to
individuals coming after you.  Surely, you will also be expected
to talk about your planet and your own culture.

There is a tremendous amount of work to perform and your
help is needed.  On Satania alone there are 619 planets.  Can you
imagine what it takes to administrate such a system?  The
services you provide will do two things for you:  First, apply in
practice what you’ve learned.  Second, be engaged in highly
interesting work.  If you’re lucky enough to be passionate about
your present job, then imagine work that’s many times more
interesting.  You’re dealing with the affairs of many planets,
not what goes on in one corporation, or a given government
department.  Even if you’re the President of the U.S., how can
you compare managing 50 states with managing 619 planets!

When you graduate from Satania, you’ll go on to the
constellation of Norlatiadek; there will be more of the same but
at a higher level.  Same thing on the worlds around Salvington.
Then will come the Minor Sector, the Major Sectors, the worlds
around Uversa, the billion perfect spheres of Havona, and finally
Paradise.  (I will talk in details about all that in subsequent

Can you see what’s happening here?  You’re being built,
stone upon stone, from the bottom up.  The end result is
something we cannot even begin to comprehend.  I am awed by the
brilliance of such a scheme.  Our own efforts will always play a
major role here.  This is how one of the Revelators [A Mighty
Messenger] puts it:

“The perfection of the creatures of time, when finally
achieved, is wholly an acquirement, a bona fide personality
possession.  While the elements of grace are freely admixed,
nevertheless, the creature attainments are the result of
individual efforts and actual living, personality reaction to the
existing environment.”  [P361].

The same revelator adds an extra dimension when he says:

“In all this is shown the wisdom of the Creators.  It would
be just as easy for the Universal Father to make all mortals
perfect beings, to impart perfection by his divine word.  But
that would deprive them of the wonderful experience of the
adventure and training associated with the long and gradual
inward climb, an experience to be had only by those who are so
fortunate as to begin at the very bottom of living
existence.”  [P361 & 362]

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