Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – XIV. Our Local Universe (2 of 2)

General Administration

In general, a system government looks after the welfare of
its planets, with emphasis on the physical status of living
beings with biological problems.

Constellation rulers are concerned with the social and
governmental conditions prevailing on the different systems and

The universe rulers are more occupied with the spiritual
status of the realms.

Ambassadors represent universes to universes.  Consuls are
representatives of constellations to one another and to the
universe headquarters; they function only within the local

From Salvington, broadcasts are simultaneously directed to
the constellation headquarters, the system headquarters, and all
inhabited worlds regardless of their spiritual status.  Worlds
that are under spiritual quarantine are not part of these
broadcasts.  [P371 & 372].

Judicial Affairs

Michael is above all concerned with three things:  creation,
sustenance and ministry.  He does not sit in judgment on his own
children.  The judiciary is under the supervision of Gabriel.
“The high courts, located on Salvington, are occupied with
problems of general universe import and with the appellate cases
coming up from the system tribunals.”

The local universe courts are limited in the following three

1.  They cannot pass judgment on the question of eternal
life and death.  Such cases must be referred to the tribunals of
our superuniverse, Orvonton.

2.  “The default or defection of any of the Local Universe
Sons of God which jeopardizes their status and authority as Sons
is never adjudicated in the tribunals of a Son; such a
misunderstanding would be immediately carried to the
superuniverse courts.”

3.  The readmission of any constituent part of a local
universe (example a system), subsequent to spiritual isolation,
must be concurred in by the high assembly of the superuniverse.

“In all other matters the courts of Salvington are final and
supreme.  There is no appeal and no escape from their decisions
and decrees.”

The next passage contrast our own imperfect system of
justice with the universe justice.

“However unfairly human contentions may sometimes appear to
be adjudicated on Urantia, in the universe justice and divine
equity do prevail.  You are living in a well-ordered universe,
and sooner or later you may depend upon being dealt with justly,
even mercifully.”  [P372 & 373].

The Legislative Assemblies

Salvington has no true legislative bodies.  The systems are
mainly concerned with the executive and administrative duties of
their local creations.  The legislative role is the province of
the constellations.  The Legislative Assemblies are located on
the headquarters of the one hundred constellations.

The Revelator [Chief of the Archangels of Nebadon] put the
whole thing in perspective:

“While we speak of universe administration in terms of
‘courts’ and ‘assemblies,’ it should be understood that these
spiritual transactions are very different from the more primitive
and material activities of Urantia which bear corresponding
names.”  [P373].

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