Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – XV. Our Local System (1 of 3)

Satania consists of 57 spheres.  The capital Jerusem is
almost 100 times the size of Urantia.  Jerusem has 7 major
satellites referred to as the seven transition worlds, each of
which is about ten times as large as Urantia.  In turn, each of
the transition worlds has seven subsatellites, their size is just
about the size of Urantia.

The seven subsatellites of transition world number one are
of immediate interest to us; these seven so-called mansion worlds
will be our first homes as we start the adventure of space.

The entire system of the 57 architectural worlds is
independently lighted, heated, watered, energized, and physically
cared for by the Satania Power Center and the Master Physical
Controllers and by the native Spornagia.

Transitional Culture Worlds

The 7 major worlds swinging around Jerusem are generally
known as the transitional culture spheres.  A brief description
of each one follows.

Number 1.  The Finaliter World.  This is the headquarters of
the finaliter corps of the local system.  It is accessible to all
the inhabitants of all seven mansion worlds.  Seraphim will,
transport you there.  “Although the finaliters and their
structures are not ordinarily perceptible to morontia vision, you
will be more than thrilled, from time to time, when the energy
transformers and the Morontia Power Supervisors enable you
momentarily to glimpse these high spirit personalities who have
actually completed the Paradise ascension, and who have returned
to the very worlds where you are beginning this long journey, as
the pledge of assurance that you may and can complete the
stupendous undertaking.”  [P509].

Number 2.  The Morontia World.  “This planet is the
headquarters of the supervisor of morontia life and is surrounded
by the seven spheres whereon the morontia chiefs train their
associates and helpers, both morontia beings and ascending

“In passing through the seven mansion worlds, you will also
progress through these cultural and social spheres of increasing
morontia contact.  When you advance from the first to the second
mansion world, you will become eligible for a visitor’s permit to
transitional headquarters number two, the morontia world, and so
on.  And when present on any one of these six cultural spheres,
you may, on invitation, become a visitor and observer on any of
the seven surrounding worlds of associated group activities.”

Number 3.  The Angelic World.  Home to all the seraphic
hosts engaged in system activities.

Number 4.  The Superangel World.  Satania’s home to the
Brilliant Evening Stars and a vast number of related beings.

Number 5.  The World of the Sons.  Satania’s residence for
all orders of divine Sons.

Number 6.  The World of the Spirit.  This planet serves as
the system rendezvous of the high personalities of the Infinite

Number 7.  The World of the Father.  “This is the silent
sphere of the system.”  No beings reside here.  “The great temple
of light occupies a central place, but no one can be discerned
therein.  All beings of all the system are welcomed as

The seven subsatellites surrounding this sphere are used on
Satania as the detention spheres for the interned groups of the
Lucifer rebellion.  On other systems, they are differently
utilized.  [P510].

The Four and Twenty Counsellors

“At the center of the seven angelic residential circles on
Jerusem is located the headquarters of the Urantia advisory
council, the four and twenty counsellors.”

Sixteen of these seats are permanently occupied.  The rest
are temporarily occupied and otherwise kept open  “… for later
assignment to ascending mortals from the present post-bestowal
Son age on Urantia” and “… the great teachers of other and
subsequent ages which undoubtedly will follow the present age.”

I will provide you with some of the names of the 16
permanent members.  Feel free to peruse the whole list on pages
513 & 514.

1.  Onagar.  He goes back to the pre-Planetary Prince age;
he directed his people to worship “The Breath Giver.”

3.  Onamonalonton.  A far-distant leader of the red man; he
steered his race away from the worship of many gods and,
impressed upon them the need to instead venerate “The Great

9.  Adam and 10.  Eve.  These two material Son and Daughter
defaulted during their mission on Urantia.  They were
subsequently rehabilitated and assigned to their present position
by the decree of Michael.

11.  Enoch.  The first of the mortals of Urantia to fuse
with his Thought Adjuster while he was still in the flesh.

12.  Moses.  He revived the worship of The Universal Father
under the name of “The God of Israel.”

13.  Elijah.  “A translated soul of brilliant spiritual
achievement during the post-Material Son age.”

14.  Machiventa Melchizedek.  He sojourned on Urantia in the
likeness of mortal flesh.  He is the father of our present-day
religions.  While still technically a Melchizedek, he is fated to
eventually undertake the mortal ascender career.  Presently he is
the vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia with headquarters on
Jerusem.  The actual Planetary Prince of our planet is Michael
Himself; this being the world on which He incarnated as a mortal
of the realm.

15.  John the Baptist.  “The forerunner of Michael’s mission
on Urantia and, in the flesh, distant cousin of the Son of Man.”

“These selected personalities are exempt from the ascension
regime for the time being, on Gabriel’s request, and we have no
idea how long they may serve in this capacity.”  [P513 & 514].

[As far as I remember, these Counsellors act in Urantia via
“The Reserve Corps of Destiny.”  “The reserve corps of destiny
consists of living men and women who have been admitted to the
special service of superhuman administration of world affairs.”

“The Twelve groups of Urantia destiny reservists are
composed of mortal inhabitants of the sphere who have been
rehearsed for numerous crucial positions on earth and are held in
readiness to act in possible planetary emergencies.  This
combined corps consists of 962 persons.  The smallest corps
number 41 and the largest 172.  With the exception of less than a
score of contact personalities, the members of this unique group
are wholly unconscious of their preparation for possible function
in certain planetary crises.”  Since they are unaware of their
role they are “… rehearsed in the deep mind by the combined
technique of Thought Adjuster and seraphic guardian ministry.”
[P1257].  If you wish to read the whole section, go to pages 1257
to 1259.]

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