Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

Writings by Roland Ezri

The Sublime Adventure – XXXI. Our Constellation (1 of 7)

Constellations are the primary divisions of a local
universe; their rulers link the system, with its inhabited
worlds, to the headquarters of the local universe and by
reflectivity to the superadministration of the Ancient of Days.

Our constellation is Norlatiadek, and its capital is
Edentia. In a manner of speaking, Satania and its inhabited
worlds report to its rulers, the Constellation Fathers, the Most
Highs of Norlatiadek. In turn, the Constellation Fathers report
to Michael on Salvington and, when required, to the Ancient of
Days on Uversa.

Norlatiadek is made out of a cluster of 771 architectural
spheres, the centermost and largest is Edentia. Edentia is about
100 times as large as Earth. There are 70 major spheres
surrounding Edentia, each of which is approximately 10 times the
size of our planet. Finally, 10 satellites revolve around each
of these 70 worlds, each of which is about the size of Urantia.

Description of Edentia

“Edentia abounds in fascinating highlands, extensive
elevations of physical matter crowned with morontia life and
overspread with spiritual glory, but there are no rugged mountain
ranges such as appear on Urantia. There are tens of thousands of
sparkling lakes and thousands upon thousands of interconnecting
streams, but there are no great oceans nor torrential rivers.”

The water of Edentia – indeed all architectural spheres – is
no different from the water here on Earth and other inhabited
planets. Edentia can be circumnavigated via its various water
routes, though the chief mean of transportation for spiritual
beings is the atmosphere.

The atmosphere and the air breathed on Edentia is the same
as on Jerusem and indeed all other architectural worlds. There
are no storms or hurricanes, neither is there a change of season.

The Edentia highlands are magnificent physical features,
and their beauty is enhanced by the endless profusion of life
which abounds throughout their length and breadth.

The sea of glass, the receiving area of Edentia, is close to
the administrative center and is surrounded by Edentia
amphitheater. “Surrounding this area are the governing centers
for the seventy divisions of constellations affairs. One half of
Edentia is divided into seventy triangular sections, whose
boundaries converge at the headquarters buildings of their
respective sectors. The remainder of this sphere is one vast
natural park, the gardens of God.”

From time to time, you will visit Edentia. While there, you
can go anywhere, however, most of your time will be spent in that
administrative triangle whose number correspond to your world of
residence. You will always be welcome as a visitor in the
legislative assemblies. [P485 to 487].

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