Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

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The Sublime Adventure – XXXVI. Our Constellation (6 of 7)

The Edentia Training Worlds

The concept of team work is well understood on our planet.
A family works together as a team – or falls apart. Many sports
consist of teams competing against each others. On a soccer
team, each player has a well defined role; how well each player
fulfill his role can bring victory or defeat. At work people
work together as a team; possessing, or lacking, a team spirit
can further or hamper one’s career. Really, nothing worthwhile
happens unless a group of people get together and function in a
more or less harmonious way.

But do we really work happily together? No, we don’t!
People have different personalities, and different views as to
the best way of reaching a goal. To be candid about it, while we
realize that we need to work together, the truth is that more
often than not we get on each other’s nerves!

But this article is not about earthly matters; we are on the
training spheres of Edentia and my opening is meant to emphasize
the fact that Edentia’s worlds are socialization and group ethics

Permit me to come back to Earth again for a moment. When
you work with other people, you have the unreliable, the
incompetent, the dreamer, the stubborn, and so on. Nor are you a
perfect being yourself. But remember this, at least we all
belong to the same species, and in many cases share a more or
less similar cultural background. Now imagine trying to get
along with fellow morontians. They are not only from various
planets, they also hail from different systems (since 100 systems
report to Edentia). It’s an impossible mix; but I am not
finished. You will, as well, have to work with the univitatia,
and they are not material, spiritual, or morontia beings. When I
first read this paper years ago, I declared that this was
impossible. Today, I am saying maybe, for there are extenuating

First, we’re not poor confused souls any more. We have
completed our training on Jerusem, we are advanced and adorable
creatures. Second, and despite the apparent difficulties, the
revelator informs us that the time spent on Edentia “… is the
most settled period in an ascending mortal’s career up to the
status of a finaliter…”

Now that I have prepared you, let me describe the steps
involved in making you a team player in universal affairs.

Your acquirements will eventually consist of:

1. Live harmoniously with 10 diverse fellow morontians,
while 10 such groups are associated in companies of 100 and
further grouped in corps of 1000.

2. Joyfully cooperate with 10 univitatia. Then function
with this group of 10 as it coordinates with 10 other families
which in turn are federated into a corps of 1000 univitatia.

3. Be able to adjust simultaneously to both morontians and
univitatia. Eventually, you should acquire the ability to
voluntarily and effectively work with all these diverse beings.

4. While thus functioning with beings like and unlike
yourself, attain intellectual harmony with, and make vocational
adjustment to, both (morontians and univitatia) groups of

5. While being able to socialize on the intellectual and
work levels with other personalities, further perfect the ability
to live in intimate contact with similar and slightly dissimilar
beings, while getting less and less irritated and resentful. The
reversion directors contribute much to this latter achievement
through their group-play activities.

6. “Adjust all of these various socialization techniques to
the furtherance of the progressive co-ordination of the Paradise-
ascension career; augment universe insight by enhancing the
ability to grasp the eternal goal-meanings concealed within these
seemingly insignificant time-space activities.”

7. “And then, climax all of these procedures of
multisocialization with the concurrent enhancement of spiritual
insight as it pertains to the augmentation of all phases of
personal endowment through group spiritual association and
morontia co-ordination. Intellectually, socially, and
spiritually two moral creatures do not merely double their
personal potential of universe achievement by partnership
technique; they more nearly quadruple their attainment and
accomplishment possibilities.”

You are not asked to reach the milestones described through
1 to 7 above overnight. It’s a gradual process. The Author of
the paper describes it thus:

“We have portrayed Edentia socialization as an association
of a morontia mortal with a univitatia family group consisting of
ten intellectually dissimilar individuals concomitant with a
similar association with ten fellow morontians. But on the first
seven major worlds only one ascending mortal lives with ten
univitatia. On the second group of seven major worlds two
mortals abide with each native group of ten, and so on up until,
on the last group of seven major spheres, ten morontia beings are
domiciled with ten univitatia. As you learn how better to
socialize with the univitatia, you will practice such improved
ethics in your relations with your fellow morontia progressors.”
[P493 to 495].

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