Equal Partners
by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners by Roland Ezri

Equal Partners

By Roland Ezri

"Women are the backbone of all societies. They do a substantial part of the work, and play a major role in raising the future generation yet they are largely powerless. The decisions that count are made by men and foisted upon women."

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The Sublime Adventure – XXXVII. Our Constellation (7 of 7)

Citizenship on Edentia

The day will come when you will graduate from world number
seventy and take up residence on Edentia.

“Ascending mortals on Edentia are chiefly occupied with the
assignments of the seventy progressive univitatia worlds. They
also serve in various capacities on Edentia itself, mainly in
conjunction with group, racial, and planetary welfare.”

A time will come when your Edentia career will come to an
end and you are ready to start your Salvington career. Here I
defer to the Melchizedek authoring this paper. He puts it in a
way that I cannot hope to match.

“And on that day when you are prepared to leave Edentia for
the Salvington career, you will pause and look back on one of the
most beautiful and most refreshing of all your epochs this side
of Paradise. But the glory of it all augments as you ascend
inward and achieve increased capacity for enlarged appreciation
of divine meanings and spiritual values.” [P495 & 496].

Paper 44 on “The Celestial Artisans” is an absolutely
fascinating paper. And even though it relates to a limited
extent to our ascending career, I did not include it since it
would have inordinately increased the length of this article.
Two concepts, however, are important and are outlined below.


“Each superuniverse has its own language, a tongue spoken by
its personalities and prevailing throughout its sectors. This is
known as the tongue of Uversa in our superuniverse. Each local
universe also has its own language. All of the higher orders of
Nebadon are bilingual, speaking both the language of Nebadon and
the tongue of Uversa. When two individuals from different local
universes meet, they communicate in the tongue of Uversa; if,
however, one of them hails from another superuniverse, they must
have recourse to a translator. In the central universe there is
little need of a language; there exists perfect and well-nigh
complete understanding; there, only the Gods are not fully
comprehended. We are taught that a chance meeting on Paradise
reveals more of mutual understanding than could be communicated
by a mortal language in a thousand years. Even on Salvington we
‘know as we are known'”

“The ability to translate thought into language in the
morontia and spirit spheres is beyond mortal comprehension. Our
rate of reducing thought to a permanent record can be so speeded
up by the expert recorders that the equivalent of over half a
million words, or thought symbols, can be registered in one
minute of Urantia time. These universe languages are far more
replete than the speech of the evolving worlds. The concept
symbols of Uversa embrace more than a billion characters,
although the basic alphabet contains only seventy symbols. The
language of Nebadon is not quite so elaborate, the basic symbols,
or alphabet, being forty-eight in number.”

“The oratory of the spirit world is one of the rare treats
which await you who have heard only the crude and stumbling
orations of Urantia. There is harmony of music and euphony of
expression in the orations of Salvington and Edentia which are
inspiring beyond description. These burning concepts are like
gems of beauty in diadems of glory. But I cannot do it! I
cannot convey to the human mind the breadth and depth of these
realities of another world!” [P503 & 504].


“Divine rest is associated with the technique of spiritual-
energy intake. Morontia and spirit energy must be replenished
just as certainly as physical energy, but not for the same
reasons. I am, perforce, compelled to employ crude illustrations
in my attempts to enlighten you; nevertheless, we of the spirit
world must stop our regular activities periodically and betake
ourselves to suitable places of rendezvous where we enter the
divine rest and thus recuperate our depleting energies.” [P505].

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